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Welcome to the Wallace River Golf Course


We operate the Golf Shop on a Self Service, PAY & PLAY system. We believe in the honour system and put our trust in each of you to calculate your total and place your cash into the money box located on the front counter or use our Debit/Visa keypad using the simple instructions beside the debit keypad.


All prices that are posted for golf play, equipment rentals, food, drink, clothing and golf accessories include the tax.  If for any reason you require assistance you can contact us right away as we will be near by working around the golf course.     

Contact- Call or text

 Ron Weeks 902-890-2652

Al Weeks 902-890-7464


We welcome golfers of all skills levels to enjoy the course.  We have rental clubs, pull carts and power carts.


Rental Golf clubs can be found in the small shed just outside. Please pick out a set for your round and return them to shed when you’re finished.


Rental Pull carts can be found just outside this building, please return them to this same location after your round.

Rental Power Carts  We have purchased Five new power carts and they will be made available for rent in the very near Future. They will be parked just outside this building. Before rental you must fill out the simple information and legal release form before you start your round. To rent a power cart you must have a valid driver’s license, agree to use the cart in a professional manner, and sign the legal release form in which you assume full legal responsibly for any personal injury or equipment damage while on the property. Carts will only be available for rent when the course is dry. 

Frequently asked questions & answers for our 2024 season 

Q: Why do you have limited staff in the golf shop?

A: With the challenges currently facing the golf industry we have been forced to diversify our business model, this will ensure we are able to not only stay open this year but for many years to come.  

Q: If i want to purchase a membership or gift voucher how do I contact you?

A: You can call or message us at any time, we will still be at the golf course working hard everyday.

Ron Weeks 902-890-2652 Donna Weeks 902-694-0554

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