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Welcome to Wallace River Golf Course

Located on the beautiful Wallace River our 9 hole course combines both the natural beauty of water and land coming together with a relaxing at home atmosphere for a round of golf.  The 2881 yards (White Tees), Par 36 course offers a challenge to even the most experienced of golfers, the landscape and design of the fairways will make it a true test and enjoyable experience.

The Course has been a labour of love through the design, consultation, construction, and even now as a ever evolving canvas that bears the heart and soul of the Weeks Family who have spent the last 19 years making and maintaining this hidden treasure. In 2017 we officially opened the course to the public and through the word of mouth and whispers of so many wonderful and kind people we had the opportunity to share our little course with so many. Thanks to everyone who has supported us in our journey and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2024

Weeks Family 

#1 A long Par 4, It pays to keep your drive on the right half of the fairway, a slight dog-leg left, to enable your approach to the green.

#2 A straight Par 4 with a small brook halfway down the fairway.

#3 "The Gully" Designed as a par 4 with a 120 yard tee shot, then 110 yard shot over the gully to the green.

#4 A decent tee shot on this short Par 4 will put you in good shape for a short pitch to the green that is tucked in to the right.

#5 A pretty little Par 3, If you shoot your ball too far you will be using your ball retriever.

#6 One of two Par 5 holes, with a tee shot over the pond. Try to keep to the centre / left side of the fairway which slopes downhill to the creek on the right.

#7 A beautiful Par 3 Along the Wallace River. A nice high tee shot might let you stick it on the elevated green.

#8 A short Par 4 with lots of fairway to shoot for.

#9 The second Par 5. Let'er rip on your tee shot to set you up for a good straight second shot toward the green.

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